Monday, October 2, 2017

Top 10 Best Assets for Tech News Websites 2017

Being a Technology Enthusiastic, there are tons of tech news we want to get our self up to date and there are lots of tech information websites which are giving the contemporary records on that. but to choose the proper ones and pick the high-quality Amongst them is essential. right here are 10 top tech information web sites that would be useful to you to get the updates about present day tech, gadgets, social media and internet like google, apple, YouTube, LinkedIn and fb.


Among top few sites, this one is the best tech news website to get the info about gadgets, technology, reviews on smartphones, tech videos. Cnet also covers latest topics like smart home devices and electronic accessories related to cars. Cnet publishes unbiased product reviews and teach users to learn how to get most of from the devices. Cnet also provides free downloads for mostly free softwares, mobile apps and games on his site and that’s why it’s very popular in techfreaks and that’s why we’ve choose this website is at the top for the top tech news websites. container of tech news
2., founded in 2005 by Pete cashmoore is one such good website that every techie will relate to. They post on mostly latest technology, gadget reviews, social media tips. They also cover new startups related to tech. They will everyday post three to five new articles so that users can covers all the news of the day. posts for web news

TheVerge founded in 2011 in partnership with vox media, get very popular in very less time. It covers the most of topics on technology like smartphones, apple, android, ios, google, laptop reviews and tablet reviews etc. The Verge allows readers to compare product specifications and research product availability.
They feature product reviews for consumer electronics. laptops & smartphones are the most reviewed products. Product will receive a “Verge Score” out of 10. Users can also submit the reviews on verge for products they purchased.

TechCrunch, a one of the top tech news websites that provides breaking tech news on everything related to new technologies. They also reviewing the latest internet products and watch on profiling startups. has a 12 million unique visitors till date and 37 million page views per month and this statistics shows the how popular this website is. They also have another product crunchbase and it’s used for startups, companies and investors. That product would be useful for the techies that would love to know about startups and popular companies. reviews for mobile, tablets

TheNextWeb founded in 2006, now it’s world’s largest online publisher that deliver latest information for internet technology, new devices & info related to tech companies. More than publishing company, it looks like a blog and website’s user interface is very smooth and relatively easy to use site compare to other tech news websites. Also they organize conferences especially for techfreaks to connect them at one place and they are doing these conferences all over the world. Keep updated about all the conferences by clicking the link mentioned below.
TheNextWeb Conference
TheNextWeb website for gadget freaks

Engadget, founded in 2004 is a web magazine that covers the information related to consumer electronics and gadgets daily. Engadget also covers the gaming, gear, culture and science section to increase their presence in technology news related websites.
engadget- A news for websites

Digital trends is apremium source of getting latest tech info and unbiased product reviews of laptops, tablets, smartphones, hdtvs and smartwatches. Digital Trends mission to help their visitors to understand new technology is upgrading their lives. Their motto is that is every techie related to. We love, live and breathe tech. upgrade your lifestyle with latest technology

Techradar, as the name suggests covers the tech news related to all new stuff for smartphones, tablets and laptops. They also publish top smartphones rankings yearly. also includes news on new cameras, wearable’s, android apps and ios applications. gadget reviews

Arstechnica, founded in 1998, one of the oldest tech news became a trusted source for latest scientific advancements, tech policy analysis, hardware performance analysis, game reviews. They also created ars in 2001, it’s first type of IT publication covering gaming and tech related news and first one to create that ars in pdf document and e book at that time.

Tech2, A Network18 online venture is now widest reach technology media brand. The core of the brand of website provided text, audio and video content for techies. It provides regular updates on newly launched devices, products are coming up & getting big in near future that would affect our daily lives. The websites also provides regular podcasts on personal technology for techfreaks. 
tech2 useful site for techfreaks

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  10. This is an excellent list of web sites. I myself am not such a technology enthusiastic, but I use technology all the time. So, whenever I need a good product review, I visit some of these sites. However, I did not know all of them, so this article came just in time. From now on, I have even more sources. Thank you!!